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“A Stroll Among Canadian Composers” – films about Canada’s musical heritage

Guarnerius Art Centre founded by Maestro Kolundžija


on Monday, September 18, 2017

"A Stroll Among Canadian Composers"

films about Canada's musical heritage

Members of Les AMIS and the CANADIAN SINFONIETTA conductor and music director, Maestro Tak-Ng Lai, are delighted and proud to celebrate the sesquicentennial, Canada's 150th, by bringing music by Canadian composers to an international audience.

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Theatre play ANASTAS is a duodrama with three performers in which one character speaks, the other one plays, and the third one sings.

The main hero is Anastas Jovanovic, the first Serbian photographer and a personal photographer of Prince Mihailo Obrenović (the son of Miloš Obrenović I, Prince of Serbia), who was also the Chief of Prince Mihailo's cabinet. In this play, he exposes to musician Kornelije Stankovic, his personal drama which is related to events at the Obrenovic dinasty court. The light-motif of the play, is unraveling the secrets of a song "Why my thoughts are battling", written by Prince Mihailo and composed by Kornelije Stankovic.

This play reveals the 19th century Belgrade, personal relationships between members of the ruling family, as well as the international status of  Serbia at the time, all this seen by the eyes of a person in the shadow, who is dealing with himself in this play, reviewing his role and responsibility in past events.

The character of Anastas Jovanović will be interpeted by the young actor IVAN PANTOVIĆ, the character of Kornerilje Stankovic - musician BRANISLAV ZARIN, and Ljubica Obrenovic and Juliet Obrenovic (singing only) - actress DUŠICA NOVAKOVIĆ.

Screenplay written and directed by Zorica Simovic.

Project is supported by the Secretariat of Culture of Belgrade, in partnership of the Association of Drama Artists of Serbia and GUARNERIUS, Art Centre of Jovan Kolundzija.

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Guarnerius Art Centre, January 8- 13. 2015.

American professor Scott Fielding, lecturer in the field of acting and directing and the founder of the Michael Chekhov Actors Studio Boston, is holding a workshop “ACTING FOR FILM” in Guarnerius, along with our young, many times awarded director Luka Popadić, and with the participants from seven countries.

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