Miljana Kolundžija

Since childhood, Mrs. Kolundžija lived in Lebanon for twenty years. Primary and Secondary schools completed in Lebanon (“Ecole des Filles de la Charite” and “Lycee Franco-Libanis – L`Athenee de Beyrouth“). Faculty of Philology at Belgrade University – Department for Arabic and French language and literature. Academic title: Professor of Arabic and French language and literature.

Mrs. Kolundžija is an authorized legal Translator for Arabic – nominated by Yugoslav Court of Justice in Belgrade.

She writes poetry and used to compose French chansons in French. She has been working as translator and director in commercial fields in Serbia and abroad.

Since 2005. Mrs. Kolundžija is the owner of SOS-DANUBIUS Company, and beside this, she is helping her husband in managing the Art Centre GUARNERIUS in Belgrade, since its foundation.