GUARNERIUS, Art Centre founded by Maestro Jovan Kolundžija, is declared Cultural Institution of National Importance, by the Government of the Republic of Serbia

Art Centre GUARNERIUS was founded in 1996. by the world-wide famous Serbian artists, violinist Maestro Jovan Kolundžija, as the first private cultural institution in our country. Centre was opened for public on October 2nd 2001, after five years of massive reconstruction and redecoration, that brought life, initial splendor and luxurious beauty to the heavily ruined venue dated in 1924.

With the numerous programs organized in the past years, Guarnerius Centre gained high reputation in the fields of culture, home and abroad. With more then 750 projects that had enriched cultural scene of Belgrade, but also of Serbia and of the hole region, Guarnerius Art Centre has presented the most prominent Serbian and foreign artists from the filed of music, visual arts, literature, theatre, dance, etc.


We are especially proud of the fact that our Centre is famous for its striving to promote young talented artists. We are also the centre of their education, with the numerous master classes and competitions. Very important segment of our art season is the cycle of concerts that are presenting our best young musicians, with a great support of the media.


By gaining the status of the Cultural Institution of National Importance, Guarnerius Centre is deeply honoured for our great effort and endurance in our cultural mission in the past years. With even greater impulse, we continue preparing and making projects that have strong national and representative roll in revealing, creating, studying, spreading and cherishing cultural values.