Our famous violinist and the founder of the Guarnerius Centre, received the prestigious recognition – MANAGER OF THE YEAR IN THE FIELD OF CULTURE, the award given by the Association of the economy journalists of Serbia, as the part of the traditional program „Companies and people of the year“

In the statement of the Association, it is said that „following the suggestion of the journalists specialized for culture, the jury of the Association of the economy journalists of Serbia, appreciating the long-year, highly successful carrier of Maestro Jovan Kolundžija, and his dedication to working with young talents, is giving him the award for the Manager of the year in the filed of culture.“

The Association that gathers editors and journalists of the leading medias in Serbia, has been, for 13 years, electing the most successful companies and individuals in the most important economy segments, and their awards are one of the most respectable in our country.


Maestro Jovan Kolundžija has been marking the world concert scene for more then 40 years, with more then 4000 concerts held in every part of the world. He received all the most important Serbian and international awards and recognitions.


Along with holding concerts around the world, Maestro is very dedicated to promotion and education of the young talents in his art endowment, Art Centre Guarnerius, that he founded in 2001. and that organized more then 750 high quality programs. In the year 2013, the Centre was declared- Cultural Institution of National Importance, status given by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.


Last year, Maestro Kolundžija and our famous pianist Nada Kolundžija, held a great concert tour, that included 22 cities in Serbia, along with the master classes for the best young violinists in each city.