Piano Miniatures inspired from Mediterranean /Composers from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece

(Works from New cd Release “Silent Landscapes” and the cd “In Blue and White”)



The concert will take place on

Saturday, 25th March 2023 at 20:00h

Entrance Free

Reservations are mandatory: info@guarnerius.rs  or  066/8028-368

Silent Landscapes CD is based on works composed for the pianist’s MMS (Mediterranean Miniature Sketches) project and on pre-existing material selected by Erato. During that project a total of 70 works were publicly performed in various Mediterranean countries, the majority as world premieres.

Each of the 32 miniatures narrates its own unique story, yet as a whole they synthesize a descriptive work that combines images, feelings and tone colors to form the pianist’s grand narrative. Erato arranged the pieces in this order so that they fit her story, since the Mediterranean – a common reference point for all composers from Greece and – served as both motive and inspiration.


Erato Alakiozidou belongs to the generation of artists who are closely involved in promoting contemporary music repertoire. Since 2000, she has been actively engaged in performance or recording projects centering on the works of Greek composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Distinguished Greek and foreign composers have dedicated works to Erato, which she then presented in over 150 world premiere performances. Her repertoire includes a wide spectrum of classical and contemporary music.

She has given over 100 premieres of works by Greek composers in her country and abroad. Concurrently, Erato continues to play a decisive role in organizing new and novel music initiatives in Greece. After initial studies in her home country, she continued in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland with great artists and pedagogues, such as Roberto Szidon, Julia & Constantin Ganevi, Nicolas Astrinidis.

Greek and international music critics have praised her overall artistic activity, and she has been honored with an award by the Hellenic Union of Theatre and Music Critics.

Erato has recorded for Protasis Productions, Subways Music, Ankh Productions and Odradek Records (since 2017). This is her first project with DaVinci Records.

Maintaining a multilevel activity in various sectors of contemporary creation: contemporary music performance, repertoire-related research on topical units, educational programs, research, pedagogical projects, editing, essay writing, and artistic project planning-production-management. In recent years, she focuses her interest on contemporary composers’ chamber music repertoire.

Erato lives in Thessaloniki, Greece, yet she is a frequent traveler to participate in concerts, festivals, music projects and competitions abroad.