Exhibition “Un día en la vida” – LJubinka Shiba Fimic

“Un día en la vida” by painter and poet LJUBINKA SHIBA FIMIC
Exhibition of pastels inspired by a true story and a motion picture “One day in a lifetime”.

Exhibition „ UN DIA EN LA VIDA“ will open His Excellency Mr. José Evaristo Ramón XILOTL Ramírez.


LJUBINKA SHIBA FIMIC was born in 1944. in Novo Selo, near Vrnjacka Banja (Serbia).

Her first exhibition was in 1987. and till today there had been more then 50 solo exhibitions held in Serbia, Poland, Cuba, China, Germany and in Cyprus.

For the author, painting is a „special magic of a miraculous mix of lights and colours. Man is the most dangerous and the most beautiful nature’s enigma…If you want your life to be more beautiful and less dull, you have to read, write, paint, explore, amuse yourself with great thoughts, words and hard work.”

Shiba Fimic is also a poet and her books of poetry were translated in four languages.