Exhibition “Byzantium” by Duško Angel Trifunović



by Duško Angel Trifunović

Saturday, March 7th 2020. at 19:00h

4. The root of power (Koren moci) -77 x 58 cmTehnics - metal, rivets, gold plate, oil on masonite

About Dusko Trifunovic
Born in Belgrade Serbia, where he still lives and works. Incorporating elements of classical education with contemporary influences, he provides a symphony of graphics, sculptures, collages and figurative compositions that indulge the senses.

From the very first units of art to which, depending upon his frame of reference, Dusko Trifunovic gave shape – with metal, sometimes with rivets, gold plate, or mixed related materials – it has been clear that his chief interest was space. A dream space, optimistic, a space of the imagination, which we see in action in his works, in a polymerized way and with organic attributes. It is shown almost always as multilayered.

10.Picasso - Jacqueline avec des fleurs - 64 x 52cm Tehnics -gold plate, oil on masonite

He belongs to the generation of painters, who gained their first experience in painting in ateliers of famous Serbian painters (Lukic, Novak). He is a member of ULUS (Serbian society of artists).
Individuals exhibitions
1980. Danilovgrad, Cultural center -drawing,
1983. Belgrade, Gallery ‘Graphic Collective’ -drawings,
1985. Participation individuelle ‘Erup’ Art, Geneva,
1988. Fribourg, Switzerland, Castle Gruyeres,
1989. Washington,Inter – American Development bank-Staff Association,
1990. Saint Tropes, Gallery ‘Slau’,
1991. Naples, Italy, ‘Vittoria’ Gallery,
           Milan, Italy, ‘Schettini’ Gallery,
1992. Paris, Gallery of the Yugoslav Arts Center,
           Hamburg, ‘American Gallery’,
1993. Saint Tropes ‘Gallery Ivan’,
           Kragujevac, National Museum
1995. Priština, National Ethnographic Museum,
           Belgrade, Gallery 011,
1998. Munchen, Yugoslav Embassy,
           Paris, ‘Le pettite gallery du ciell’
2017. Victoria Regia – Saint-Petersburg


1984. Spring prize or the Zemun Society or Artist,
1991. Special prize of Lion club ‘La Mole’ for ExIibris at the international Exhibition’,
1996. Reward ‘New Incontraries’, Milan
           Reward ‘Mare Jonio’ Cosenza,
1997. Premia Accademia Internazionale Citta di Roma.