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Painting exhibition by PREDRAG UROŠEVIĆ

Premiere presentation of a small part of great opus of the Serbian artist, that has been living and creating in Australia for many years.

Guarnerius audience will have the opportunity to see the paintings created in years between 2006. and 2014, mostly in oil on canvas technique.

"Even though my works are modern in form, and belong to the world of abstract painting, they also have realistic and everyday motifs, and the newer ones are a mixture of realism and abstraction, so their technique is quite strange and special".

Predrag Urošević, 2015

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Exhibition for one painting and one essay. For one day.

Unique event in Guarnerius!

"Exhibition for one painting and one essay. For one day."

Remembering the Victory Day, Guarnerius audience will have a unique opportunity to see the painting "Blue grave" of our distinguished artist Dragan Bartula “PLAVA GROBNICA”, for only one day.

This master-piece of the Serbian painter, with its beauty and an important message, had inspired our art photographer Rajko Karišić, to write his impressions in his essay "Impressions over a painting".

Text will be read by an actor Branislav Platiša, and young opera singer Marko Kalajanović will enrich this evening with music.

This evening will be dedicated to the one painting and one essay.