Famous Argentine TANGO JAZZ QUARTET first time in Belgrade!

Tango Jazz Quartet mixes the melodic and rhythmic patterns of Tango with the harmonies and improvisation of Jazz, which results in a new concept of music. Over the last few years, the band has managed to establish itself on the international music scene.

The concert will take place on

Monday, August 15, 2016 at 20 h in


Entrance Free

This concert is under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in Serbia.

picture Alejandro Beelmann  picture Federico Hilal  picture Gustavo Firmenich  picture Horacio Acosta

Alejandro Beelman     Federico Hilal       Gustavo Firmenich    Horacio Acosta

“It is the first time that I hear a fusion of Jazz and Tango that works and makes sense”, said the world renowned and prestigious accordionist Richard Galliano. He also mentioned that both the incorporation of drums into Tango music and the respect with which the melodies have been treated are indeed remarkable. Gustavo Firmenich, the leader of Tango Jazz Quartet, has recreated in a few of his shows the performances which were common a few decades ago in Buenos Aires, where dancing evenings both with Tango Orchestras and Jazz Bands were organized. These nights were announced as « Tipica and Jazz ». In his research about Jazz and Tango, which have a lot in common, he found that there was one musical aspect which was clearly different between the two : the improvisation. This was the reason, why Gustavo Firmenich started in 2000 to look for ways and means to combine the two musical genres. For that purpose, he carried out a great number of studies and trials. He formed duos and trios with tango musicians who had many years of experience in tango music in order to learn from them, by oral transmission, the secrets of tango from those who lived in the golden age of tango. He also documented himself by consulting record collectionners to find out about other attempts of fusion of the two music styles.

All these studies have led to the formation of Tango Jazz Quartet in 2005. In order to find the best suited musicians for this concept, many different musicians have taken part in the group. In 2007, the group was consolidated and received quickly a very favourable reaction both from the public and the specialized press.

Up to now, the group has recorded four CD’s. The first one was presented in a joint concert given with the great french accordionist Richard Galliano. It has also undertaken international tours which received a very warm reception both in Argentina and outside. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture has declared this performances to be of cultural and artistic interest. The first tour was made in 2011, which led to a second tour through Europe in 2012 and 2013. In 2013, the european tour was extended by a tour to South Africa.

In 2014, the band made a long world tour. The tour took almost two months. They started in Usa, then they flew to Europe, after that went to Russia and Siberia, and finally they concluded the tour in Hong Kong and China.

In 2015 TJQ made its 5 European Tour. Thus, the group took hold in the circuit of jazz clubs that continent.