Introduction to the new season of the Argentine tango courses!

Interactive lecture that will give us a hint what will we be dealing with through the four-month courses, that will start on September 14th at the Guarnerius Centre!

Lecture will give us initial theses about tango as a dance, musicality and social phenomena, that will give us simple and understandable input how to use our own movements in an embrace, to create reacher and more fulfilled lifestyle. On the same evening, we will start the enrollment to our courses.

Belgrade Tango Association and Guarnerius Art Centre have been nourishing tango culture in our region for 13 years, and on September 14th, and this season, we will be going one step beyond!

Tango courses will be led by Dragan Mikić, one of the founders of the Tango Association and of the Belgrade International Tango Festival. He is also one of the initiators of the school of tango in Belgrade, with more then 1000 students in the past decade.