Belgrade Tango Association and Guarnerius Art Centre are inviting you to enter the magical tango world

We are expecting future tangueros at our new classes in September 2015!

For all information about application, please contact us 063 324 354,

Belgrade Tango Association, for more then 10 years, through various projects, festivals and school, and with the traditional milongas held in Guarnerius Art Centre since 2003, has been popularising tango culture in our region. On that very year, Guarnerius hosted first Belgrade milonga ever, and since then, our centre had become the gathering point of all the tango lovers from the whole region.


Since the year 2014, our friendship and collaboration with tango, had expanded on the classes in Guarnerius, guided by Dragan Mikić, one of the founders of the Belgrade Tango Association and International Belgrade tango festival, as well as the first Belgrade tango school. that had more then 1000 participants in the past 10 years.


The new season of tango courses will start on September 2015, the classes are dedicated to all tango dancers and tango fans, with or without previous dance experience, but also to those who are just entering into the beautiful world of tango. Students will be placed in two groups – elementary and advanced, and themes of the classes will be Argentine tango, milonga and tango waltz.


Classes will be organized as theme workshops, in order to achieve the more serious approach and step-by-step learning of the form, movement, musicality and communication in tango.

Classes will be held on Sundays, starting from 5pm for the elementary group, and from 7.30 pm for the advanced group.

Number of class students is limited.

For all information about the classes and application, please contact us by phone no. 063 324 354 or e-mail