Opening ceremony of the SIXTH SEASON of the cycle presenting the best students of the Faculty of Music, Belgrade


The honor of opening the season was awarded to brilliant young violinist

 Dušan Panajotović
accompanied by the pianist Ivana Pavlović

at the concert which will take place
on Tuesday 7. March 2017 at 20h

in Art Centre GUARNERIUS, Džordža Vašingtona 12, Belgrade

Program: N. Paganini, E. Ysaye, C. Franck, H. Wieniawski


The Cycle is held under the patronage of the NELT Company, and is organized by the Faculty of Music and Art Centre Guarnerius.

During this sixth season will perform 41 best young artists from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, students of undergraduate, master and doctoral studies, who highlighted their successes on the domestic and international scene, and were named for the best in their departments.

These series of concerts was launched in 2012 by the Faculty of Music and Art Centre GUARNERIUS founded by Maestro Jovan Kolundžija, with the aim to give the opportunity to brilliant young musicians to introduce themselves to the audience and to express their talents and achievements and to get the promotion that they deserve. The past five cycles have shown that these concerts have contributed significantly to these young brilliant artists with special thanks also to the media who have recognized the value of these cycles and helped to spread their concerts.

Dušan Panajotović was born in Knjaževac on 29.02.1992. where he gained basic musical education, then in Nis secondary music school at the music high school “Vojislav Vučković” and Faculty of Music in Belgrade where he completed basic academic and master studies. He is currently at second year doctoral studies  at the Department of Performing Arts, violin.

 During his education he won numerous awards and recognitions, including: first prize at the international competition “3rd INTERNATIONAL DANUBE INSTRUMENTAL COMPETITION” in Ulm in Germany (2016), award YAMAHA (2016), a special prize at the international competition “OHRID PEARLS” in Macedonia (2016)  scholarships for further training at the “School of Music & Dance, College of Creative Arts”- San Francisco-State University, first prize at the International Competition “Burgos International Music Festival “in Spain (2013), the award ” Miodrag Macić- Mišo ” for best of success achieved in class  (violin) in the second year (2013), the award ” Meri Žeželj- Majer ” for the best achieved success in the third year in concert department (2014), the award “Merima Dragutinović” for student who graduated with the best grades in the study group for violin (2015), first prize at the Republic competition in Belgrade (2008), winner of the first prize at the International  strings competition in Nis (2005, 2007, 2009), first prize and laureate of music festival in Lazarevac (2008). Winner at “New Young Niš Elit” awarded by the Rotary Club “Konstantin Veliki” in Nis.

He participated as a soloist at numerous festivals, including  “NIMUS” music festival in Nis (2016), “BEMUS” music festival in Belgrade (2015)  in cooperation of Art Centre Guarnerius and BEMUS,  “NEISUONI DEILUOGHI” in Italy (2013 ) “BUNT” music festival in Belgrade as a soloist and as a member of the quartet, quintet and sextet, etc.

He has performed as a soloist with the orchestra “Burgos International Music Festival ” in Spain, with the Orchestra ” Belgrade Strings ” in the great hall ” Kolarac “, with Niš Symphony Orchestra in the hall of the Niš Symphony Orchestra in Niš, etc.

He has performed as a soloist in many cultural centers and cultural halls in Belgrade: Art Centre “Guarnerius”, Gallery “SANU”,  big hall “Kolarac”, a ceremonial hall of the City of Belgrade, the Ethnographic Museum, “Artget”, “SKC”,  house “Djura Jaksic” at elementary music school “Vladimir Djordjevic”, music school “Stankovic Cornelius,” at the music school “Mokranjac” in Zajecar, etc.

In cooperation with Art Centre Guarnerius and the Belgian Embassy he participated in a charity concert “BELhospice” which was held at the residence of the Belgian Ambassador.

He has performed in the hall of the Berlin Philharmonic, as a member of the first violins of “Deutsch-Skandinavisches Orchestra”, and as concertmaster of “Young Euro Classic Orchestra” under the direction of Liana Isakadze at “Konzerthaus Berlin”. He has performed in Paris in the Hall “Gaveau” as a member of the first violins of the orchestra “Belgrade Strings Orchestra Dušan Skovran  “.

He studied with Jovan Kolundžija, Hagai Shaham, Stefan Milenković, Oleg Pokhanovsky, Liane Isakadze, Dragan Radosavljević, Ivana Aćimoske-Žikić etc. He studied at one of the biggest music festivals in Europe “ISA- music Festival” in Vienna for which he received a full scholarship (2014).